Behind a great man…

Pierre Thierry Noah was a brilliant cardiologist of Cameroonian origin who practiced for many years in Germany. A Pan-Africanist by conviction, and naturally sensitive to the human condition, he devoted his life to the service of others, and in particular to his native land. A founding member of the non-profit organization Camfomedics, he organized and participated each year in the Challenge Camerounais, a campaign dedicated to the exchange of expertise between Cameroonian and foreign doctors. Less formally, this modest philanthropist also invested his time and energy in education through initiatives at Omvan Primary School. Located 30 kilometers from the Cameroonian capital, this school welcomed him only at the age of 4, as a boarding student, and was the foundation of his education. An education based on excellence and meritocracy. Later, these are values that he was keen to pass on by actively participating in the development and maintenance of his former elementary school. Pierre Thierry Noah devoted a lot of energy and resources to the renovation of the Omvan school and to the improvement of the living and studying conditions of the students. Unfortunately, the great reaper, armed with a formidable partner named Covid-19, brutally interrupted his actions.

Fortunately, not his convictions. Indeed, two years later, his wife, supported by her friends and close collaborators, took over the
the torch.

The children
still constitute
a serious work force
for their parents.

    Pierre Thierry Noah never stopped believing in the development of the African continent. He relied on the strength of the
youth for the development of the African community.
African community. Having had the chance to study thanks to scholarships, this hero of modern times had given himself the mission to reveal the
mission was to reveal the potential of the children
the potential of children just as providence had done with him.

 ”There are heroes in
this world who save
lives. The world
needs them;
                                let’s give it to them!
                               Dr Pierre Thierry Noah

…are hiding heroes

Pierre Thierry Noah Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help not only poor children to access education in a decent and education in a decent and serene manner, but also to help disadvantaged rural schools to build and improve their services. Officially registered with Cameroonian institutions in 2022, this organization  the focus of its activities is on children who do not have access to a fulfilling childhood. In rural areas, children actively participate in the economic economic income of the households. Whether they are working in the fields or selling their products, children are a serious source of labor for their parents.

The latter do not immediately measure the impact of schooling, because their priority is the survival of their family. For those who are more sensitive to the issue of education, their children are certainly enrolled in school but do not benefit from follow-up adapted to their needs.
For those who are most sensitive to the issue of education, their children are certainly in school but do not benefit from a follow-up adapted to their needs. And for many, when the results do not follow, they are unfortunately withdrawn from school, judging this investment as a loss. In spite of these socio-economic difficulties, in spite of the distances to be covered on foot, the lack of infrastructures in the schools and outside, some students persevere. They reveal the resilience of heroes. The heroes we need.

Our mission
The importance of human capacity in the development process is no longer in question. To respond to the socio-economic problems that weaken the African continent in general, and Cameroon in particular, it is necessary to rely on what is considered a weakness: the rural environment. Not only is it the breeding ground for Cameroon’s populations in terms of natural resources, but it represents an important focus of the population. It has been plagued for decades by rural exodus, yet it is one of the essential keys to the sustainable development of our society.

Our actions
The foundation has undertaken to focus its actions on three main targets: students, teachers and school equipment. The aim is to facilitate the schooling of students by covering school fees and supplies; to improve the working conditions of teachers who are often displaced from their homes to rural areas by facilitating access to housing; and to provide schools with essential school equipment such as desks, blackboards, lockers, etc. For the 2022-2023 school year, the foundation has launched its activities with La rentrée des héros, which has had convincing results.